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A New Idea that will make you think !

There are neat inventions and ideas thought up every day. A first-hand notion has been brought up very close to home and it will be dogs that take the lead to make this accomplishment. With their poop, power will be created through a new pilot program in Waterloo.

Waterloo will be involved in a pilot program that will turn a dog’s poop into energy. This process is known as anaerobic digestion and occurs when organic waste breaks down in an environment without any oxygen.

This idea was created by a man that lives in the area, whom works in general construction and owns a dog himself. He thinks, “there has to be a better way to do things.” This idea was taken to the American groundwaste company, Sutera and will begin in three weeks at dog parks within the city.

The city’s mayor, Dave Jaworsky says this is the first time such a thing will be applied in a Canadian city. This process has been thought of as “poop power” and is eco-friendly, reduces litter and harvesting dog waste is not difficult. Also, according to the mayor, municipal litter bins are filled with 40 to 80 per cent dog waste.

"In rural townships, this isn't an uncommon technique to deal with manure and that kind of thing," he says. "So, it's really just bringing the rural technology to the urban environment," Jaworsky said.

The process is very simple, a dog owner walks their dog per usual and scoops its poop into a doggy bag but the disposal process is just changed. The bag will not be thrown in trash bins but instead, special receptacles that are green and look like rural post boxes with a dog-shaped opening.

The bags will be stored underground for 10-14 days, and vacuumed out where it will be combined with other organic wastes at a processing plant. Left overs will be used as fertilizer. 

Within the next few weeks walking your dog will ever more beneficial for your pooch and the environment.