Are You Prepared?

Cat and VetDealing with pet emergency situations with the help of Emergency Vet Clinics

If an emergency situation occurs call the Emergency Veterinary Clinic at 519-650-1617 immediately.

Protecting yourself is important to ensure you can help your pet. Be careful when handling your pet, as pain may cause them to bite.

  • Assess the severity of any bleeding and apply direct pressure to areas as necessary to slow blood flow.
  • If you suspect your pet has eaten a poisonous substance, have the product and package close by while calling the Emergency Vet Clinic.
  • Move pets very carefully if serious bone injury has occurred. Place your pet on a flat surface or blanket to minimize movement during transport.
  • Proceed to the Emergency Vet Clinic quickly and safely.
  • Your pet will be assisted by our dedicated staff on a triage basis. We make every effort to attend to your pet as soon as possible after your arrival to our animal hospital.
  • One of our experienced staff veterinarians will assist you in making appropriate medical plans for your pet.
  • An estimate of cost for your pets care will be provided if your pet has to remain with us for additional procedures and care.